6 Conversation Tips for Your First Date

First dates can be a bit nerve-racking especially if you haven’t been on one for a while or if you are trying online dating. Here are some sure-fire tips and tricks that won’t make your date seem awkward to the other person:

1. Tell Your Date That You’re Nervous

If you want any weirdness to dissipate right off the bat, just admit that you are nervous so that it is all out of the way. Chances are that your date is a bit nervous too and both of you can laugh off your nervousness together. This eases any tension in the air, causing you to relax. It works as an excellent ice breaker and both of you can shake off any lingering jitters.

2. Be Yourself

You have to make your date like you for who you are. Don’t exaggerate things about yourself or hide anything that might be relevant to the relationship. Although a date is not some court hearing, blurring the lines between facts and lies is never a good thing while dating. Even a small white lie during the initial stages can come back to bite you later on in the relationship.

3. Ask the Right Questions

First dates are all about getting to know one another, so keep asking questions that can give you more information on the other person. Branch out your question that shows that you have a genuine interest in what your date is saying.

Don’t get too personal by asking about their exes or previous relationships, where they are ‘really’ from, politics, religion, salary or if they want kids. Save the personal questions for when you guys progress towards an exclusive relationship. Ask about their favourite things such as books, movies, music, etc. This will help create common ground between you two.

4. Speak Up When You Have to

Politeness aside, if there is something that makes you feel uncomfortable about your date such as being rude to the servers, making snide remarks towards you or anything else, just call them out for their behaviour.

5. Don’t Put Yourself Down

Modesty is an attractive trait, but low self-esteem isn’t. Don’t make too many self-deprecating jokes or say anything negative about yourself.

6. Compliment Your Date

Throw in a compliment or two in the beginning or in between the conversation so that your date is at ease and appreciates your courtesy.

With these 6 tips, your first date conversation will surely be a success.