How we evaluate web pages

We are committed to providing our users with what we believe is the relevant information under certain goods, services, brands or products they wish to use. We provide the information in a format that helps our users easily compare the various services, as the internet contains a large amount of information (eg in terms of user opinions, advertisements, etc.), and it is difficult to distinguish between that is accurate, objective, accurate and correct.

We therefore strive to provide our users with the most accurate, comprehensive and complete information available. Please note that we do not show or review all available services around the world in a particular category, but rather what we believe to be the best brands and providers. One thing you can be sure of is that every service and brand we evaluate, review, and place on our list is among the very best available online.

To give you a better idea of ​​how we review and rank the products and services displayed on our website, we have created this small guide to introduce you and review the key features we assess and take into account. Our goal is to save you time by simplifying and clarifying features and services, and we present only products and services that our reviewers have rated as the best examples of their kind. We make every effort to keep you updated by changing or adding to the list to reflect current changes

User rating - We encourage you and other users to judge, comment and share your experiences. The users' assessment is taken into account when assessing and ranking the benefits.

Confidentiality, Security and Credibility - We believe that security and credibility are key features and criteria. Therefore, we look at these issues by reviewing the industry's reputation, how long they have been on the market, unusual events occurred, customer comments, licenses or permits, operating units, internal tracking or recording. All of the above is taken into account when we rank and evaluate the services.

Overall layout - we believe that the service or product must give the user a good user platform and a total good user experience. What we consider "good platform" includes the registration process, the ways you can access pages, how easy it is to get started, how easy it is to find what you are looking for, etc. In addition, we review and take respect for "look and feel", quality of graphics, delicious and fast navigation etc.

Price - if applicable, we take it into account in view of the pricing of the services by comparing the current prices, what is included in the price, offers, subscription options, repayment, etc. We make it clear, it is not always the lowest price that is ranked as the best, taking into account other parameters in the package.

Unique and important features - we review and rank VPN services, we examine specific features such as multiple servers in places and around the world, speed, etc. We review and rank dating services, investigate anonymity, opportunities, etc.

Customer Service - We believe that service providers should listen to the needs of users, be available to any queries, and provide helpful and good service. We take this function into account when we rank the service.

Total Data - We will also use your internal, anonymized, aggregate data to give us statistics on the popularity of a product and what our users thought of a particular brand. We can measure interests by monitoring the number of users who visit the service provider's website and the conversion rates (ie, the number of users who actually purchased or registered for the service).

Affiliate Fees - To provide you with our services for free, we receive advertising fees from our partners. These fees are taken into account when we evaluate and rank, but they are NOT the most important criteria.