How to Avoid Feelings in a Friends with Benefits (FWB) Situation

In today’s world, dating has become really complicated. Many of us barely have the time to find our special someone. That’s why friends with benefits relationships have become so common. But they too have their drawbacks. Hooking up without any emotions is difficult, but not impossible. We’ve listed a few tips to help you keep your FWB situation strictly emotionless

1. Choose the Right Guy

In a FWB relationship, it’s essential to choose the guy carefully. You want to pick someone who has certain flaws. This will ensure that you don’t develop feelings for them. Most importantly, you shouldn’t enter into a FWB relationship with someone you have feelings for or who has feelings for you.

2. Lay down the Rules

It’s important to lay down the rules in a friends with benefits relationship. Make it clear that it’s just physical. Sleeping over is a no-no. Also, avoid any form of intimacy before or after you hook up. For example, keep cuddling off the table. Make sure you, as well as your partner, are both open to meeting other people as well.

3. Have a Life Outside of Your FWB Relationship

It’s important to keep your relationship purely physical. Have your hobbies and social life. Follow your career. Make sure you don’t involve your FWB in your life. This includes not introducing them to your friends. It also includes posting pictures with them or talking about them.

4. Don’t Do It for Too Long

In any FWB situation, it’s important to set a time limit. Keep meeting each other for a couple of months, but that’s it. The longer you stay in the situation, the more comfortable you’ll get with your FWB and that is something you want to avoid.

5. Skip the Romance

An essential part of hooking up without any emotions is to avoid any sort of romance whatsoever. This means no cute nicknames for each other and no pillow talk. Love should be kept strictly for relationships.

6. Keep It Casual

Your FWB situation should be kept casual. So, don’t engage in deep or meaningful conversations with your FWB. Don’t tell them about any personal problems that you may be having. If you find yourself needing someone to talk to, reach out to a friend but don’t talk to your friend.

7. Keep Seeing Other People

It’s vital that you keep seeing other people even when you’re in a friends with benefits relationship. If you don’t see other people, you may get fixated on your friend, which is what we want to avoid. Seeing other people will also help with any jealous feelings that may arise when your friend starts to see other people.

Keeping a friends with benefits situation strictly physical may seem difficult. However, with online dating, it’s easy to find someone who fits the criteria well.