6 Common Mistakes to Avoid on Dating Apps and Websites

The age of the internet has changed the dynamics of dating. With so many dating apps and websites popping up every now and then, how do you find the right guy? Make sure you aren’t making these 6 common mistakes that are preventing you from finding a date

1. Putting Your Best Picture

This might seem counterintuitive, but you will be doing yourself a huge favour by doing so. People don’t usually look like their best photo all the time. If you must, just post one party type of look and use a non-filtered picture as a display picture.

2. Not Working On a Good Bio

When it comes to online dating, people often assume it is just the picture that gets people to select your profile for a match. Although visual appeal and physical attraction matter a lot in getting a date, written content also matters. Make sure not to have spelling or grammar mistakes and ensure that the bio reflects your personality and clearly expresses what you are looking for.

3. Reading the Bio

Reading the bio can give you an idea about that person, For example, if the bio says that the person is a cat lover and you are allergic to cats, there is no point in going on a date with that person.

4. Not Being Open-Minded

It is one thing to have preferences and another to be so narrow-minded that it destroys your chances of getting a date that could have been perfect for you. Don’t limit yourself to just one type of person; who knows you might end up liking someone who is the complete opposite of what you usually go for.

5. Stalking and Pestering

So you matched with someone and sent out a message, but they never replied. Wait for a few days and refrain from sending another message. Maybe they are busy or have found someone else. Either case, there is no point in contacting them unless they reply.

6. Getting Your Hopes Up or Losing Hope

This is a tough one; it is really easy to think that you have found the perfect match at first sight. Don’t expect much at least during the initial stages. Alternately, if you can’t seem to find the right match, don’t give up.

If you avoid these 6 mistakes, you will find your Mr. Right in no time.

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